Turning to the Right Emotional Support Animals Companies for Your Companion

Emotional support animals are the best companions that one can ask for, especially if you are going through depression, anxiety or panic attacks. These animals can try healing you by offering comfort, love and affection.  If you are looking for an emotional support animal (ESA) for yourself or loved ones, then you need to search for credible ones.

Knowing the Basics of ESA Registrations

Many people often confuse themselves with service and ESA’s. There is a thin line of difference between the two. Service animals, as the name suggests are trained to perform specific tasks for differently abled people. Emotional support animals help to offer comfort to their owners.

When we hear of the term ‘registration’, the first thing that cross our mind is to search for companies online and register with them. In the case of ESA, no such registration is required. All you need is a valid ESA certificate from an authorized medical professional. Now you might wonder why an ESA certificate is required to own an ESA. Think of this as a prescription that allows you to take the animal during air travels without any additional costs or hassles.

There are many out there in Canada, that answer all your queries about how to register dog as emotional support animal Canada. You can even take the help of websites such as Support Pets that give out detailed information about the registration process for ESA. You can even go through the ESA laws posted onto their website along with the qualifications required to register for an ESA.

There are strict laws regarding fake ESA letters and if caught, you might end up paying a huge fine. It is always better to go the legal way. Ensure that you do your homework when it comes to ESA. There are many fake companies out there who might provide you with false information and try to dupe you.

Components of an ESA Letter

If you suffer from emotional trauma and are seeking medical help, you can always discuss the possibility of an ESA. If you doctor agrees, they need to address the ESA certificate to you and sign it. The advantage of ESA certificate is that it allows the pet to stay with you at all times. Many landlords and airlines recognize this certificate and can grant you permission to keep the pet with you.

An ESA letter should contain:

  • The credentials of the mental health professional
  • Date of issue of the ESA certificate
  • The type of pet
  • Your name and other relevant details
  • A letter of confirmation about your mental disorder as outlined in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
  • A brief information on how an ESA can help improve your condition

Many a time doctors might not agree for an ESA and would recommend you to keep continuing with therapy sessions. In such situations, you can always look online. There are many websites that can offer or recommend you a list of credible therapists who are authorized to approve the ESA certificates.


Having an ESA is really a boon to a person’s life. They can try to heal you by providing emotional support and being with you always.

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