Hair Drug Tests Are Nothing Special If You Have The Right Ingredients

Facing that annoying drug test at work is a killer for everyone. However, if you know how to handle this, it’s nothing special really. Unlike the urine option, the follicle test is harder to fake but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to pass it on short notice.

You’re going to need around 2 weeks to be sure that you’re clean. If you have this amount of time, then you’re going to have to use the popular macujo method in order to clean yourself from toxins. This method is the only sure known one so far. Learn about the macujo in details on this link.

For performing it, you’ll need 4 main ingredients. Some people like to combine other solutions and shampoos, but this is the basic one and the proven one to work. You’ll need vinegar, Clean and Clear solution, Tide detergent, and the Aloe Rid Old Formula detox shampoo.

White Vinegar

Vinegar is a known ingredient in alternative medicine. It is excellent for many skin conditions. People use it for treating acne, burned and dry skin, and others.

In this situation, it is excellent for preparing the skin for the other substances that are going to treat your hair and the roots of it. The vinegar is rubbed on the scalp so it can relax and soften the skin. Imagine how easy it is to break a very dry part of your body. The vinegar is able to soften this and make the pores open up so the other ingredients are able to treat the toxins.

You probably know that we use this in all kinds of recipes while preparing food. Not only it is harmless, but it’s actually a really good component that helps our system.

Pink Clean and Clear solution

Clean and Clear is an excellent skincare product. It is able to thoroughly treat your skin from any dirt and toxin building up there. You might ask why we keep talking about skin if we’re doing a hair test? The reason for this is because the roots come out from the scalp.

The scalp must be treated perfectly so it doesn’t happen the practitioner to get a sample that’s so close to the shaft that the drug substances have just come out and are still containing toxins. We need to open the pores and treat the hair that inside the scalp too.

The Clean and Clear solution is an excellent fighter against everything that’s not supposed to be there. If there’s a toxin, it will get rid of it. It’s important to leave it together with the vinegar for at least 30 minutes before washing. Put a plastic cap on your head and wait until they do their job.

Aloe Rid Old Formula shampoo

When 30 minutes have passed, it’s time to use the shampoo. This shampoo is the best toxin shampoo on the market without a doubt. It’s much more expensive than any other shampoo but it does what you pay for.

The main ingredient in it is propylene glycol which is a chemical substance that is able to strip the layers of the hair. As they open up, there becomes a lot of space for water drops and the rest of the shampoo to wash out the toxins including the drug particles that live inside.

If you’re asking if there’s a more affordable solution, we’d say of course there is, but those solutions won’t do anything important for you. You need to use only the best one that’s proven to work if you want to surely pass.

Our experience and the experience of other users of different detox shampoos say the same. Just open the internet and find some reviews of the most popular options.

You’ll see that the rate of success is high only in this shampoo and every other one is struggling to get recognition as a valuable product. That’s exactly why the price is so different between each other. You pay more for a quality product. That’s how the market works. Click here for more info on hair drug tests – learn how to pass them from clear drug tests

Tide clothes detergent

Tide is a worldwide known product. It is one of the best solutions for cleaning the garment of your clothes. People found out that it can do great work for treating your hair before the drug test. How?

Among other ingredients that are helpful, it contains hydrogen peroxide which is known as a bleaching agent. Surfing the net and looking for reviews will surely get to testimonies where someone used bleach to damage the hair and with it cheat the test.

This is not going to help on its own, but combined with the others it’s something that will be great in masking the toxins. In order to be sure that you’ll pass, it’s good to damage your hair. Of course, not create total chaos, because this will get you uncovered and everyone will know that you’re trying to cheat. No, you need to clean it thoroughly and damage it just enough so that there’s no chance for anyone to find anything incriminating.

After you washed with the shampoo, simply do it again with the detergent. This will make sure you made a good job.



Some people like to add another detox shampoo after the procedure. Fast detox solutions are trying to advertise themselves as a fast option that can be used for 8 to 24 hours before the examination. What they do is create a window frame in which the test is not able to uncover the drug particles.

Of course, this is a risky deal because it’s often not working and people get caught. They fail the test and lose everything. So, instead of wasting a little money on this, spend a little more on the main ingredients we mentioned. If you like to add some of the other fast detox products just before the test, feel free to do it, but make sure you complete the procedure a couple of days before.

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