Foreplay Tips and Techniques to Build Passion Before Sex

Mental foreplay helps to build sexual tension. Teasing and tempting him helps to build sexual tension that can be enjoyed later. Some quick ways to put foreplay in action.

Suggestive dirty texts

Send dirty texts, which suggest what is going to happen later. Ensure that you are vague and unclear with these messages. It keeps him wondering of what is in store.

Beautiful YOU

Men are visual, they get excited with what they see but repetition is a must. What you wear turns him on and makes him keen for sex. Invest in couple of clothes that can be worn occasionally to turn him on. You can visit Vuxensaker.Se to buy the sexiest lingerie or adult toys that can liven up your bedroom activities.

Along with sexy dressing, do your hair in something different. Even a little makeup like a specific eye shadow to give your eyes a glimmer or a specific lipstick for more enticing lips.

Public foreplay

Public foreplay means creating sexual tension and not getting naked publicly.

  • Pinch his bum
  • Put his hand on your leg
  • Squeeze him
  • Kiss him lightly
  • Dirty talk
  • Caress between his legs
  • Accidentally touch or graze his crotch

Foreplay is ideal for couples whose relationship is getting a little stagnant and desire to spice it.

Touching, groping, grabbing, and pinching play a vital role in building sexual tension. The one thing that matters most is how you do it……Most guys adore a partner who is sometimes more submissive and receptive as well as aggressive at times.

Secret shower

Surprising him in the shower is really hot foreplay! Just wash him in the shower but wait until later to give a blow job. Soapy textures on his genitals will make him beg for sex.


Kissing is an art. How to kiss your guy passionately?

  • Tongue, lips, teeth – Use your tongue to give his tongue and lips a massage. Your taste buds give a little rough sensation than the lips, so use tongue. Even use teeth gently to nibble his tongue and lips. Give a little squeeze!
  • Outside his mouth – Besides mouth and lips, move across his faces slowly to his cheek and neck then to his ear lobes. Return back in the same way towards his mouth.


Who doesn’t like massages? Start with a massage. When he lies down on his stomach, sit on his bum with legs on both sides. Gently massage his back, focus on muscles and not bones or joints.

Repetitive pushing hands can get repetitive, so use a fist little slowly that what you were while using palms. Frivolously squeeze different neck and shoulder parts within fingers and thumb. Use alternate techniques, so no one gets bored.

Put self-pleasure show

Make it a teasing show using some sex toys. Don’t allow him to touch and as guys are visual, the situation will get hotter. Allow him to join but communicate on how much you are enjoying. It will make him hornier.

If you feel nervous in self-pleasure then turn down the lights!

Hot & cold, dominance & submission, sex dice game, countdown, and more are some other foreplay tricks to arouse him.

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