Halloween Costumes Inspired By the 80s

Halloween costumes are the costumes which are worn during this festival, which is on October 31 every year. These are worn to frighten the supernatural. Mostly worn by kids but Halloween costumes are so popular that these are also worn by adults. Halloween parties are popular in western countries like the New Year’s Eve parties.

When you need to choose the costume for your Halloween party you need to decide which works well for this occasion. Nowadays online stores also have a variety of 80s Halloween costumes. However, using DIY you can make these costumes, if you are creative enough. You can put the flavor of the eighties in your outfits and these can be made for everyone from kids to adults and even for groups.

The use of the materials at your home like the cardboard, colors and old toys, etc. are helpful in making them. The realistic-looking and simple Rubik’s cube costume can be made of a cardboard box, black duct tape and poster board. A gang of pillow people can be formed for the party using poster boards and paints. Hungry Hungry Hippo costume is suitable for groups and also for couples.

Initially many people were unaware of these costumes but slowly and gradually Halloween costumes have become a well-known trend among people. The popular costumes for this festival which are inspired by the 80s Halloween costumes are as follows:

  • Alf – This character won the heart of the kids who was odd -looking and friendly. The children liked to be dressed up as Alf for the Halloween party.
  • Cabbage Patch Kids – It is immensely used by the kids on the night of Halloween in America. It includes a mask and a costume.
  • Freddy Kruger – It was a character in a horror movie in 1984. Whether the kids were allowed to see the movie or not but they know who he was and they try to scare their friends on the night of the festival by wearing the costume.
  • Pac-Man – It is one of the videogame characters and is very famous among children. Pacman costume is worn by kids during Halloween parties.
  • Barbie – A highly loved toy by the girls and costume is worn by them during the festival.
  • Care Bears Costume – It is one of the animated characters of the eighties which has won the hearts of the children in the whole world.
  • Jason (Hockey) Mask – It is one of the simplest costumes of all times and its mask is worn on the night of Halloween.
  • Superman Costume – The world-famous Superman costume is highly cherished among the kids. It is the desire of each and every child to wear the Superman costume on the night of the festival.
  • Star Wars Costumes – These costumes are worn on the night of the festival. Tiny Ewoks, Chewbacca, Princess Leias, etc. use to move around in the neighborhood to gather their Halloween candy.
  • Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson’s style and dance moves are amazing. Each boy wants to mimic his style on Halloween night.


Thus, the use of these costumes on the occasion of Halloween creates memorable experiences for the people. The way in which the festival is enjoyed, the memories are cherished lifetime by them.

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