CBD Oil is Used for Treating Pain Associated with Various Health Conditions

Many people experience chronic pain and for them cannabidiol (CBD) oil can offer relief from pain.

This compound is found in marijuana plant, and cannabidiol is often touted as an alternative to medication for pain in the treatment of few conditions like arthritis or back pain.

For pain relief, the use of this cannabis dates back to the ancient days of China, as per the report published in the journal Cannabinoid and Cannabis Research. It is assumed that CBD oil may help in easing chronic pain by reducing inflammation.

Besides that, CBD oil can also promote sound sleep, in turn, can treat sleep disruption which is commonly experienced by people having chronic pain.

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It is also important to know that many products of CBD oil do not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol which is also known as THC, which is the compound that is responsible for producing “high” that is associated with use of marijuana.

Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating which does not have any psychoactive effects.

Traditionally, people have also used CBD for many thousands of years for treating various kinds of pain, but medical community have just recently started studying it again.

Following are few possible CBD oil benefits:

  • Arthritis pain

Most of the elderly people suffer from arthritis pain. To ease pain, CBD oil is very popular, especially the relief in the pain associated with arthritis.

One detailed study done by the “European Journal of Pain” used animal model to check if CBD can help people having arthritis manage their pain. These researchers applied topical gel that contained CBD to rats having arthritis.

They noted significant drop in its inflammation and also signs of pain, that too without any additional side effects.

  • Multiple sclerosis

This multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune type of disease which affects entire body through nerves and brain.

Also, muscle spasm is another most common symptom for this problem which can be really great that they may cause constant pain.

As per the report, short-term CBD oil use could reduce the level of spasticity that a person feels. Though the results are modest, many people reported reduction in symptoms.

  • Chronic pain

For general kind of chronic pain too same report also studied about CBD use. Researchers have compiled the results of number of systematic reviews that covers dozens of studies and trials.

Also, their research concluded, there is significant amount of evidence which proves cannabis is very effective treatment meant for chronic pain.

Another study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine which also supports these results. As per this research using CBD will reduce inflammation and pain.

Also, researchers found that CBD products do not build up any tolerance. They have noted that CBD, could offer very helpful new treatments meant for people having chronic pain.

In case, you are living with chronic pain, you must have experienced how the pain can disrupt your sleep and, in few cases, may contribute to depression and anxiety.

Various natural therapies, like exercising and also mind-body practices such as meditation and yoga, along with diet for anti-inflammatory may help improving quality of life.

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