Get to Know Different Kinds of Cannabis Delivery Method

Cannabis delivery method is second consideration after choosing the kind of weed or bud. Several consumers limit their experimentation to a couple of methods but a total cannabis aficionado is motivated to try other ways to enjoy their weeds. Attaining physical and mental benefits from marijuana majorly depends on the delivery method. Each delivery method offers unique effects and experience.

Inhalation delivery method

When cannabis is inhaled, gases enter lungs prior they get absorbed in the blood. Smoking and vaporization are two prevalent inhalation style. The latter is a safer option than smoking. Wide range of devices are used by cannabis smokers including –

  • Hand pipes
  • Hookahs
  • Rolling papers
  • Water pipes
  • Disposable smoking devices

Vaporizer heats the weeds to specific temperature sufficient for extracting CBD, THC and other cannabinoids. However, the temperature so low that harmful toxins cannot get released during combustion. Thus, vaporization reduces health risk. There are multiple vaporizer designs, which are robust, portable and durable. Cannabis concentrates are available in different forms like wax and oil, which are used. Currently, dabbing form is used in youngsters, where cannabis concentrates get dropped on heated nail. The vapor that is created gets trapped in glass globe then inhaled.

Oral delivery method

Cannabis products administered via mouth includes ingestible oils, infused food or drinks and tinctures. Oral delivery means ingestion via digestive tract prior entering blood circulation. Unlike drinks or edibles marijuana topical tincture can be taken through mouth from where it gets absorbed instantly in the bloodstream. Actually, tinctures can be consumed sublingually as well as rubbed on the affected area directly for quick pain relief. Tinctures are versatile as they allow for precise titration [desired effect] and dosing.

Ingestible oils can be used in preparing edibles or put in capsules. Edibles include food containing cannabis. In this delivery method, the kick in time is longer but cause potent total body high. Marijuana infused tinctures or oil can be used to make dishes, so as to control simplicity and dosage.

Topical delivery method

Full cannabis extract is used in preparing topical. Thick decarboxylated oil is used to activate the cannabinoids. These activated cannabinoids are capable to penetrate through your skin. Effects of topical products differ from other delivery methods. They don’t cause cerebral stimulation or high or psychoactive effect. Users can benefit from pain relieving effects without any concern of getting unfocused from their daily routine. They obtain localized relief and clear head.

Balms, lotions, and transdermal patches get applied on the skin, so as to allow cannabinoids to get absorbed in the sub dermal layers. Endocannbinoidal system in the skin has receptors, where the cannabinoids get attached. These receptors are responsible for the sensation of discomfort and pain.

Topical offer relief from symptoms of inflammation and injuries resulting in pain of ligament, bone, muscle and tendon. Balm is applied directly on affected area surface and transdermal patches are stuck on the local painful spot. Thus, with topical you can experience localized pain relief.

Onset time is instant or take an hour to feel its effect. Technology has empowered manufacturers and they have designed products that offer quick relief on localized spots. Read the labels because effect duration can differ depending on ingredients used but generally it lasts for four to six hours.

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