Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Waxing

If you want your hair to be removed from your skin as quickly as possible, then there are several cosmetic hair removal methods available in the market. Waxing is one of the safest and quickest treatments among them. It is one of those things that make your skin become smooth, radiant and velvety soft in a simple way. Before you undergo this process, it is important to learn about the method and its individual pros and cons. This would help you to get prepared for the procedure.

What pain relievers can I take to reduce painful sensation from waxing?

Inquire from the expert regarding pain relievers that are safe to be taken for waxing process. There are few medicines like Ibuprofen that can assist you giving relief from pain associated with waxing. This is mostly required in case of beginners. In order to calm down the nerves, there are some wax salons that offer alcohol, wine or champagne to their clients on request. is a popular wax salon that provides experienced and friendly professionals to perform waxing and other hair removal treatment at the clinic. As per the skin condition and any issue/s, they choose the most appropriate waxing method for the person.

Can I get waxed during my periods?

It is recommended not to get waxed at the time of periods. This is because the hormones produced by your body during that time make your body more sensitive. This will cause you more pain. So, leave those days and perform this procedure on remaining days.

Can I indulge in heavy workouts after waxing?

People who are gym junkies would need to ask how much do they need to wait post waxing session to resume their workouts. Expert suggest that a person who have performed a bikini or Brazilian wax, can immediately resume their workout but ensure that the intensity is kept low. This is because heavy workout can sometimes cause pain and stretch on waxed regions.

Can I use moisturizer or cream on my skin prior or post waxing?

Some people have an illusion that to get good waxing results, they need to use moisturizer on their skin before waxing. It is advised to keep your skin clean so that wax can work properly to pull out hair from the skin effectively.

Use of lotion or cream can become a hindrance. After waxing session, your skin needs to breathe, so it is better to avoid any application of lotion. Try to keep it clean for some time till all the redness and soreness vanishes on its own.

Are there any rules prior to taking waxing treatment at your clinic?

  • Make it a rule to get there a few minutes early and relax.
  • Don’t talk on phone while the procedure is getting performed
  • Generally, it is advised to remain quiet, but when necessary, you can use a quiet voice to talk to the professional.
  • Communicate about any health issues to the professional prior to taking the treatment


People who haven’t performed waxing before would find it beneficial. This above questionnaire would clear a lot of doubts or misconceptions about getting waxed.

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