When You Can Claim for Cancellation of Your Driving Test

Generally speaking, in certain circumstances you can also make claim for cancellation of your driving test, in case the test was cancelled because of certain issues at the end of DVSA.

For obtaining your driving licence, first you may plan to book theory test online and having cleared that you have to appear for driving test on a scheduled day. However, under following circumstances you can cancel your driving test and reschedule it.

  1. Leave

In case your examiner has gone on leave and the centre may not be able to find an examiner as replacement for taking your test.

2. Medical absences

In case your examiner falls ill or has an appointment at very short notice, then your test will be cancelled.

3. Examiner strikes

Usually, examiner never go for strike however during last year once there was indeed a strike which is relatively rare. In such situation, there will not be enough examiners for covering all of these tests.

4. General system errors

Often both practical and theory gets cancelled because of certain issues with the booking system of DVSA, e.g. you present yourself but find that due to certain system error, your test is not available on their system.

However, under certain circumstances if your test gets cancelled in the last minute for which DVSA is not at all responsible, then you cannot claim cancellation on any ground. Following are few examples:

5. Bad weather

As you are aware about climate of UK which gets worse due to heavy snowfall at times. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your test as it is not the fault of DVSA.

6. Showing up late

In case you arrive late for the test due to any reason then you cannot claim expenses. Either you might have mixed up your test centres or perhaps you were struck due to bad traffic.

It is not the fault of DVSA, but it is your responsibility to show up on time for your theory and practical test.

7. Instructor issues

In case your instructor suddenly calls you last minute to inform you that he cannot take you to for driving test due to sudden illness. DVSA is not responsible here for your missing test.

8. Unroadworthy car

You certainly cannot take the driving test in case your car is not roadworthy. If you use your instructor’s car, then perhaps you may not face such problem as instructors usually keep his vehicle in perfect condition.

If you decide to take test on your own car but you did not check your car properly and if the test gets cancelled due to this then you cannot make claim for cancellation.

9.Any other issues from your end

In case you need to cancel your theory/driving test without giving notice to DVSA for 3 working days, then you cannot refund the practical test.

However, in 2014, certain changes were allowed to candidates to cancel without giving 3-day notice period only if there is medically certified illness or suffer a bereavement or called for duty being a member of armed forces or have school exams.

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