The Most Popular Sweets and Desserts Available in Japan

People in Japan have a special liking for desserts and sweets. There are numerous and delicious varieties of desserts which are available in the country. There are sweets in Japan which even people with sweet tooth can enjoy as much as a normal person.

Some of the popular sweet dishes of Japan are:


This dessert has been originally imported from France. It consists of an ice cream scoop over a bed of flakes with fresh fruit and whipped cream and all of it in a parfait glass, where the name comes from. There are other toppings too, like fruit jelly, cookies, spongy cake, waffles, etc. This makes it one of the best sweets in Japan.


This one was introduced in Japan by the Portuguese and looks like a pastry by look. It is basically a sponge cake and is made up of eggs, sugar, flour, castella and a bit sweetness added to it. Nagasaki in Japan is mostly known as the castella capital of the country and this is a common dessert in the region.

Furutsu Sando

Even the sandwiches can be considered as a sweet dish in Japan. This one is a dessert in the form of a sandwich with whipped cream and fruits between the sandwich slices. The crust of the bread is removed to enhance the taste of the dish. Fruits like banana, kiwi, mango, strawberry, etc. are put in the sandwich to enhance the taste of the dish.


These sweets are typically eaten by people along with tea. It has a rice cake which is filled with bean, dango and rice dumplings are served with a skewer and a jelly flavored with the typical Japanese flavors.

Although it requires a lot of efforts to make this dessert and take a lot of time as well. People prefer to mostly buy them from stores rather than making them at home by themselves.

Coffee jelly

This dessert is a common sweet preferred by people in summers. This dish consists of jelly with espresso, black coffee and sugar. It is an ancient dish which was invented during the 1900s. It is mostly preferred with whipped cream over it and sometimes also goes with ice cream and condensed milk.


It is a casual food available commonly in the streets of Japan. They are made in the shape of a cone or wrapped in a paper so that it is easy to carry. It comes with toppings on it like ice cream, fresh fruits and chopped nuts.


It is a traditional dessert eaten by people in Japan. It consists of a red paste of beans and jelly cubes with toppings on fruit on it. It is also layered with sugar syrup on the top. Some people also prefer adding ice cream on the top and rice dumplings to enhance the taste.


Hence, you can choose any of these delicious and mouth-watering desserts which are available in Japan. These are some of the best desserts of the world and you must try them.

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