Can You Mix CBD Oil with Your Coffee?

Nowadays you can come across many advertisements where you can find CBD-infused tea and coffee among the list of caffeine drinks. Is it really safe to consume them?

Lots of research has been done on this issue and in this post, we are going to discuss about the highlights of all those results. You can however click here to read in much more details about this issue.

Can you mix CBD with caffeine?

There must be few good reasons why people like to mix CBD oil with their favorite caffeinated drinks.

People have noticed that by combining CBD with their caffeine drink, it is able to take the jittery out of their caffeine high. Also, many people experienced reduction in their nausea and anxiety which they had before drinking.

By and large, by mixing CBD with their coffee, they could focus their energy without getting any negative feelings that are usually associated with usual daily consumption of caffeine.

In case, you want to try this combination of CBD with your caffeine drink then visit any local café in your area, as most of the coffee shops are including this drink in their menu list. You can get that in any of your neighborhood cafe too.

If you have already tried out such combination then you too must have felt the effect and realized how it can perfectly complement with your response of the body.

CBD and the effect in your body

Cannabidiol or CBD oil, is usually extracted from cannabis sativa plant. Among the over 100 other Phyto cannabinoids, CBD is just one in cannabis about which plenty of researches have been conducted.

Other Phyto cannabinoids e.g. tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which are also very similar in their structure to our body’s own endocannabinoids. Hence it can target easily cannabinoid receptors in our neurological and also central nervous systems.

The CBD which has already been shown as effective in reducing pain and inflammation, helps in treatment of variety of conditions, right from anxiety to our irritable bowel syndrome to ADHD.

CBD oil will not produce an intoxicating effect like THC and will never get you high feeling.

Caffeine and our body

Most of the Americans love to drink coffee which has mixed effects. As a stimulant of our central nervous system, you will be able to get the most noticeable caffeine effect almost immediately as it will increase your alertness and energy.

If anyone is already predisposed with some kind of anxiety disorders, then it is this coffee that can have influence on your central nervous system, at the same time it will combine with an increased heart rate as well as blood pressure, which can result in anxiety, jitters, and also panic attacks.

Taking too much of any caffeine product can also create headache and nausea, and not to mention the fatigue and moodiness associated with “crash” that once the caffeine will start to wear off.

Caffeine and CBD oil have become so much popular pairing as the negative effects of consumption of caffeine are also negated by your body’s interaction together with CBD.

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