Some Facts Memphians Always Need to Explain Tourists

In Memphis there is an Egyptian Pyramid, which is not normal to be seen in South America. At the Peabody Hotel, live ducks stay overnight in their penthouse suite and every morning come down in an elevator, walk on red carpet towards the fountain and spend their whole day swimming and sleeping. Isn’t this odd or surprising! The Shelby Farms is visited to see herds of buffalo. Isn’t this weird!

So, you will find there are many things that seems worth an experience but some of the things, Memphians always need to tell the visitors or tourists. Check out information on Memphis and get familiar with these facts before you visit.

  • Y’all, mane…

Everyone in Memphis share a nickname ‘Mane’. It is spoken in different situations like –

  • “Aww, mane….” – In happiness
  • “Aww, mane….” – In sadness
  • “What’s up, mane?” – In greeting
  • “Mane, lemme tell….” – In distress

It is their way of peppering speech with lots of manes!

  • Drink tap water! No one actually knows what aquifer means……

Skip bottled bottles or leave filters at home. Our huge sand aquifer offers tastiest water, which is not found anywhere in the worlds. Therefore, we make the best beer.

  • City has more than one ‘KING’

Obviously, Elvis is very popular but when “KING’ is mentioned in a conversation specify if you are talking about Elvis, Jerry Lawler, B.B. or Willie Herenton.

  • Everyone is BBQ expert in Memphis!

Never ask, ‘Where the best barbeque is?” From popular Rendezvous to sloppy Central BBQ to plenty of tiny BBQ joints, nothing beats Memphis-style ribs. Memphians know this best, smoking port in their personal style is worth trying!

  • Memphians nicknamed Krogers

Krogers store on Cleveland was formerly called ‘Ghetto Kroger’. It is now remodeled into a nicest one. In mid-town, on Union Avenue there is a ‘Hell on Earth’ Kroger nicknamed for terrible construction and awfully designed parking lot. At Highland, there is ‘Sexy’ Kroger and on Medenhall there is ‘Kosher Kroger’ and at Kirby & Poplar there is the ‘Big Kosher Kroger’.

  • Modern Memphians are not just Elvis fans

Memphians have great respect for Elvis and his heritage but this does not mean they have to adore his music. Visit live music venue to get an idea of the kind of music modern Memphians adore to listen.

  • BBQ Pork and nachos taste better

Combine two soul foods and get a perfect recipe.

  • Every Memphian is Tigers fan

Even if some Memphians don’t care about sports or basketball are Tiger fans in general. It is the rule of residency in Memphis.

  • Memphians believe Voodoo village to be haunted!

The strange tales ranging from ghosts to voodoo priests to real baseball bat brandishing maniacs is due to brightly colored strange art pieces decorating the building and yards. Village is in reality not so sinister but strange.

  • Killer art scene lives on Broad Avenue!

In the past few years, Broad Avenue has become a go-to place for art collectors, artist or anyone with a desire to tap their creative side.

Never feel surprised that the basketball team [Grizzlies] gets its name after an animal, which is not found anywhere near Memphis or Tennessee State. There are many such facts that Memphians always explain the tourists.

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