How to Take the Best Aftercare of a Septum Piercing?

If you wish to get the most desired results out of your septum form of piercing procedure, then you need to get proper information about the piercing aftercare procedure. We are providing you septum form of piercing aftercare guide that will tell about the do’s and don’ts till the piercing heals. In this guide, we will tell you the ways to clean it, the type of issues you may face and measures to solve it.

Where is the septum piercing done?

Septum piercing is carried out between the flesh present below the underside of the nose covered by the septum cartilage. On experiencing pain at the time of the septum form of piercing procedure, you need to give instructions to the piercer to stop, give some time for the operated region to heal, or choose a more-recognized piercer to try again.

It is going to take nearly four to six weeks for the area to get completely healed. So, when you find that something wrong has happened in your septum form of piercing, then you need to wait for at least a month’s time prior to re-piercing.

Septum Piercing Care

Use medicated and natural spray

You can try several different aftercare products present in the market. A spray made up of natural ingredients can take best care of piercing. Choose one that matches your skin type. You need to apply the product instantly after performing piercing to increase the speed of the healing procedure. Also, it will reduce the soreness a bit.

Keep the piercing clean

You are required to spray around the region where septum form of piercing is done for three to six times a day with the best quality saline rinse. For the initial few weeks, you need to do 2 sea salt solution-based soaks every day. Surgeons advise use of antiseptic piercing spray as it can help you experience relief from septum form of piercing issue.

 Maintain general health

Getting sound sleep, eating nutritious diet, avoiding coming in contact with germs, staying hydrated, reducing stress, and practicing an overall good personal hygiene can positively impact the healing process of this form of piercing.

It is advisable to boost your immune system so that the body can aim its complete attention to heal septum form of piercing. For ensuring best hygiene, it is advised to wash your hands thoroughly on a regularly basis.

Don’t traumatize the piercing area

If you feel the need to blow the nose during the healing process of septum form of piercing process, it should be done very gently. Use only new, fresh and clean tissues on every use.

Refrain from playing with the jewelry throughout the entire healing process. Don’t touch the jewelry except when you clean the septum piercing. If at all you have to touch the jewelry, then do it only after washing your hands and wearing medical gloves.


All these tips ensure that your piercing heals soon and stays with you for as many numbers of years as you wish to keep it.

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