What Is the Difference Between Using A Sugar Paste or Sugar Wax for Waxing?

Waxing is a remarkable hair removal procedure that is performed either by applying a paste of sugar or sugar wax to remove unwanted body hair. This process takes out hair from the root level and so lasts for a longer time than using depilatory and shaving creams.

If you are confused about which of these methods to choose, then read this article. We are providing you important differences between both these methods to help you make the right choice.

About sugaring

Sugaring is a traditional and natural hair removal method to get rid of hair from its root level. Paste of sugar is made by squeezing lemon, sugar and water. This mixture is melted at medium to low temperature till it looks like a candy mix.

Once it gets cooled, the mixture can be applied on the skin and then removed using strips of disposable wax or cotton muslin. This action removes unwanted hair. The result obtained from sugaring can easily last for atleast two weeks before new growth of hair starts.

Differences between waxing and sugaring

Temperature of the paste

At Wax center Lakewood CO, the sugaring paste used for the removal of hair is lukewarm for the application to the hair and skin.

In comparison to it, wax has to be applied in hot state and, then removed it once it gets a little cool. Sugar paste is comfortable and an easier method to remove hair. This is because it is used at a low temperature so that you don’t feel any burning sensation on your body.

Presence of allergy causing substances

A simple paste of sugar has got no additives, chemicals, preservatives or essential oils that are mostly present in waxes. So, people who have any sort of allergy towards waxes, for them sugaring can be the right option for them.

Removal method

When you apply sugar paste, then it has to be washed with plain water to clean the surface properly. On the other hand, if you apply wax on your skin, then you need to get it removed by recommended “after wax treatments” or essential oils.

Direction of application

The direction of application of a sugar paste is against the hair growth and removed in the direction of the hair growth. It is completely opposite in case of waxing, where the wax is applied in the same direction of the hair growth and removed by pulling wax strips against the growth of hair.

Level of pain

Waxing helps in removal of hair along with the top dead skin layer as a mild exfoliant. Sugaring paste doesn’t stick to your skin. It simply grabs hair as well as takes them out when pulled away without any exfoliation. This makes sugaring less painful method for hair removal. On the contrary, sugar acts as a gentle conditioner that conditions your skin. This benefit is not seen in the case of waxing.


Waxing has got a plenty of options, sugar paste and sugar wax are the most popular ones. Decision to choose between sugaring or waxing is up to your adventure level and personal preferences.

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