Nine Ways You Can Save Your Money in Any Event AV

Good AV is very essential for the success and also a great wow factor for the event. However, you must have sufficient budget too. Following are 9 tips for saving on the budget for your audio-visual expenditure.

  1. Try to bring your own company for AV

Usually any in-house AV provider of hotel may be too expensive instead of that you may try to bring your known AV company which may cost you much less. Also visit the website to check their rates.

  1. Think about AV while booking and negotiating the venue

In case you have your preferred AV, who supports your events, then you must bring them to the potential venue. Tell them clearly that you want to hire your known AV company.

Now you can negotiate the contract with the AV company and also you can have more amount of flexibility to select the best AV company for you.

  1. Get few more competitive quotes

You must contact at least 3 to 4 AV companies as they usually compete aggressively and hence you are likely to get competitive quotes from any of your preferred vendor.

Having number of quotes will give few better leverages to select the best with competitive price.

  1. Book multiple meetings together

In case you have multiple events then prefer a nationwide AV company. It will be possible for them to provide service at any location.

You can also demand quantity discount for which they may readily agree too.

  1. Ask for suggestion from AV provider to uncover inefficiencies

Any experienced AV provider can provide many smart ideas where you can do certain savings. In case, you are planning for multiple meeting then ask them to provide a manager onsite who can offer many suggestions to eliminate few unnecessary equipment.

  1. Consider for various service levels

Certain events demand full service where onsite technicians for running the show, setup and teardown maybe needed. Few other events are easily manageable with self-service equipment rental.

Ensure that you don’t pay for any service that you do not need.

  1. Think about any creative sponsorship opportunities

There can be many kinds of event technology solutions which will allow you to further add many different powerful sponsorship potentials. There can be many other ways to pay for all these technologies with the help of the sponsorship revenues.

Also, sometimes they are profit drivers for your event. As an example, you might rent a video wall and then utilize the displays for mixing sponsorship messages along with social media activity and event information.

  1. Ask for multiple options from your AV provider

Any good and experienced AV company will never provide you with certain proposal which may look like accept it or just leave it kind of offer. As a matter of fact, they will be able to offer you several options, at different price levels, so that you can easily choose from.

Your AV partner must work with you for identifying different solutions for realizing your vision, with maintaining well within your set budget for the event.

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