Mistakes You Must Avoid while Buying or Using Ornaments

In India, ornaments designed from valuable metals are in huge demand. It is customary to wear gold, silver or platinum ornaments on festivals, weddings and other special occasions. Hence buying jewellery from a trusted store is an age-old trend followed by Indian citizens.

Online jewellery shopping or while buying jewellery from showrooms sometimes you tend to make mistakes which can be easily avoided if certain things are considered.

Mistakes you can avoid while buying jewellery from retail and online sources:

  • Don’t be in a rush to finalise the purchase. Know more about the selling source. Read online search reviews posted by earlier buyers. Visit those showrooms that are recommended by your acquaintances, relatives and friends.
  • Compare the quotes of making charges, taxes and the price of gold stated by the shop. You can use online filter sites to assist in short listing the shop selling genuine jewellery items at reasonable price.
  • You don’t have to pay in cash every time you buy ornaments. You can use credit cards as it offers a lot of advantages like reward points and cash back offers that will save some money.
  • Need to give considerable thought to sizing while buying online. As you can’t try rings while buying online, the best help is to know the size of ring that fits you perfectly. A goldsmith can assist you to know the exact size.
  • You can customize the ornaments. Thus, don’t need to be satisfied with the designs the shop keeper or online marketer displays. There are options that allow you to customize the jewels as per your need.
  • If you are buying from online sources make sure to buy from credential sellers who are ready to exchange or refund money if delivered item isn’t satisfactory to the customer.

After buying jewellery of your choice, due to ignorance or negligence often mistakes happen reducing the value of the jewellery. The ornaments may be bought from online jewellery store or from land-based showrooms, the need to take care of it is essential by following certain tips.

Tips to take care of your jewellery:

  • To keep your jewellery brand new, it needs to be polished by experts. Thus, polish it at least twice a year, to sparkle the gems back and to remove dirt. This will ensure that the jewellery item will look like newly bought. It even helps in extending its life span. Even any damage due to wear and tear can be identified and restored.
  • The jewellery worn by you daily need to be cleaned every week. The rings, chains and earring often accumulate dirt, lotion or soap substance which diminish the sparkle and reduces its life span. Washing with mild detergent gel and wiping it with soft cloth will keep them safe and brighten the look.

You need to take off your jewellery items while taking bath, doing household chores and while dressing. As there are chances of detergent or strong liquid rubbing on the jewellery that can reduce the shining of the ornaments. There are high chances of the gem stones being damaged.

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