How Do Any Aquarium Bio Filters Really Work?

Bio filters for aquariums are considered to be more effective, because these filters use micro-organisms to eliminate the wastes that are produced. In this system, the micro-organisms are induced in the tank for cleaning up the wastes. Even small invertebrates and plants are used in these filtration systems.

Filter media

The most natural part of any fish tank filter as a bio filter is that it can be a filter machine by itself. There are many different varieties, but most of them contain a filtration medium that is made of carbon or any bio filtration medium. This bio filtration medium can be a substrate for the growth of microorganisms. It may look like any blue floss but can also be sponge or some rubbery pad. It is important that you must not use anything much stronger than just lukewarm water for cleaning this, as you do not want to kill all these little critters, which will not only grow in it but also make it working.


Biofiltration will not stop just with filter. As such, any mechanical filter is just the beginning. The real part of any bio filter system will actually be the gravel used in the fish tank. Most of these waste-munching microorganisms usually live here. Gravel care is important for the longevity of the aquarium as well as fishes.

For building up any good bed for bio filtration, you will cure gravel by allowing the tank run with various plants for about 2 weeks before you add any fish. After that, add just two or three fish at one time and wait for couple of weeks between inserting the next batch. This will allow to establish those microorganisms all by themselves and start working without overloading the new tank with waste.


Live plants can also make a really awesome addition to the aquarium’s bio filter system, and hence few aquarium experts may tend to recommend to reserve any algae wall in the tank, where you can allow this green gunk to easily grow unmolested. Another appealing and decorative selection can be having any planted aquarium. You can get wide varieties of rooted, potted and free-floating plants for the fish tank. You may choose based on the kind of fish you wish to keep, depending on their habits and behavior. Any special plant light need not be necessary.

Live sand, rock and Invertebrates

In case you have any saltwater aquarium then you may like to add live rock or sand. The “live” usually refers to tiny invertebrate animals that may live in this kind of substrate. These can maintain high water quality. Also, your fish will be healthy by munching waste.

For freshwater tank, you may consider adding fresh shrimp, snails or red claw crabs. If you are keen to welcome invertebrate pets in your aquarium, then you will have to study about them specifically as they usually need certain special care and diet and some fish also consider them as a very tasty treat.

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