10 Top Rated Edinburgh City Tours 2019

Edinburgh, the Scottish capital is popular for its sightseeing attractions, rich culture and its numerous festivals. For travellers the beautiful city seems to be divided in two parts as Old Town and New Town. New town is just like any other attractive modern city where as the Old town portrays the century old Edinburgh pebbled stone lanes, hidden passageways and Georgian style buildings.

For day tours, there are a lot of Edinburgh attractions that keeps you enchanted. You can experience the feeling of visualising the beautiful combination of colourful past and artistic modern panorama. You just need to visit the websites of credential tours and travel services such as this one: http://www.tripindicator.com/city-pass-bus-tour-edinburgh/hop-on-hop-off/compare-sightseeing-bus-vs-big-bus.html. Availing reliable services will help you in travelling to awesome tourist attractions easily. All the arrangements will be done in advance to avoid spending time on standing in a queue at ticket counters.

Most popular sites in Edinburgh:

  • Edinburgh castle:  the fortress nestled above the rock overlooking the city has been used as a royal residence, a famous prison in early ages and hiding place to store army garrison.  The Scottish national heritage has a 14th Century Constable’s Tower and a Portcullis Gate safeguarding the castle from attackers. The New Barracks once camping site of soldiers have been transformed into Regimental Headquarters and a popular museum. The War Museum has treasured all variants of Highland broadswords and chemical warfare suits.  The Half Moon Battery is still the grand part of the massive castle reflecting the role of canons and fire arms in the number of battles fought in the Scottish soil.
  • Palace of Holyroodhose and Holyrood Abbey: The past and present residence of the Royal family of Scotland has been popular visiting spot since many centuries. The audio handset given while touring the place makes you visualise the history of the attractive apartment of Kings and Queens of Scottish dynasty. The GEAT Galley displays the insight of the lifestyle of the Royal Class of Scotland. The Abbey founded in the 11th century has an awesome Gothic facade and lavish gardens to roam around.
  • The Royal Mile: They are the streets linking both the impressive palaces always busy with natives and visitors. The ever busy streets is the mist happening place in the city as there are numerous shops, cafes, town houses and churches. The main streets having the high buildings on both the sides lead to many lanes and Passage ways.
  • Arthur seat and Salisbury Crags:  It is the highest point in the Holyrood Park, thus travellers are quite interested to climb the 820 ft seat of Arthur providing the gorgeous view from the top. The park itself surrounded by numerous cliffs, the mist favoured climb by hikers is the Salisbury Crags.
  • Royal yacht Britannia:  It is one of the most populous modern times attractive spot. It is the sailing vessel part of Queens’s entertainment to the most prominent people of the World.  The sixty year old yacht is now the most entertaining Britannia Visiting Centre.
  • The National Museum:  The most visited museum housing the medieval era artefacts of every stream and the stage costumes of Elton John.
  • The Royal Botanic Garden:  It is stated to be the second oldest such garden in Britain. The seventy acres herbarium and the largest palm house are the main attractions of the garden. The extensive arboretum having exclusive trees of different countries.
  • Camera Obscura:  The panorama of moving illusions is formed by the mirrors and lenses in the Victorian roof top room has been attracting visitors since midst of 18th century.
  • Calton Hill: The best spot to view all the important monuments of the city makes you wonder about the creations of man. The National monument in the Calton Hill honouring the warriors of Napoleonic wars.
  • The museum of childhood: It is the abode of collection of all kinds of toys found all over the world. It is house of preserving old time toys, costume toys and outdoor toys of Victorian age. Kids of all age just feel all day staying in the museum in midst of the exciting games arranged for them.

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