A Few Tips to Know About Wedding Food Tasting

Food arrangements play a crucial role in any kind of celebration, especially weddings so that the occasion will be a great success. Food tasting is a mandatory part of pre-wedding planning to know the kind of food you want. Hence, when it comes to taste food provided by food vendors when you are finalizing the food caterer in Bloomington, you need to be aware of certain aspects of food tasting.

Here are few tips to help you choose the best food for your wedding:

  • It will be helpful to ask them to provide tasting of the food their chefs excel in. This helps you to taste the best food items you can serve your guests.
  • It will be best to take foodie expert along with you when tasting the food. Their expert advice will help you know whether there are chances of any mistakes when the food is served at the event.
  • Know about the procedures usually adapted by the catering vendors in tasting time. Many event organizers are ignorant about how the tasting event takes place. Before going to the tasting spot search websites or ask your friends who were married. The info gained is sure to help you know more about the wedding food tasting.
  • Menu tasting doesn’t take a lot of time if you have prior arrangements with the caterer. If not, it may take couple of hours to taste and decide the best food.
  • Usually buffet menu is arranged by food vendors of wedding to be tasted by at least ten people. This helps in making the tasting affair simple as well as to show how the arrangement of food counters will be done.

After tasting food, you can customize the flavoring and even provide useful tips for the caterers and let them know how you expect the food to be served on the wedding. Reputed caterers of wedding catering Bloomington provide all details of the menu served and their rates in the tasting event itself. Thus, it will help you to compare the rates of each food item with the other vendors. This will help you to work within the budget that you have fixed for catering.

What you can do to make the tasting food occasion simple and easier for caterers?

  • Tell them beforehand number of people coming along with you to taste the food Items. This will help them to prepare food accordingly.
  • If you have special guests arriving from other countries or some of your guests have special preference in food, make sure that food vendor knows about the cuisine they need to serve.
  • Also, ensure that you discuss beforehand about the allergies and dietary restrictions of the people who are planning to attend the menu tasting. The chef will make sure that the restricted items will be avoided in the menu.


Menu tasting is certainly one of the preferred parts of the wedding planning process. However, remember to restrict the number of people attending menu tasting because too many opinions will not make it easy for you to decide on the menu.

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