How to Choose Right Vape Pen and Dosage of CBD Juice?

Market is flooded with vape devices of all kinds of shapes and sizes. However, they are not created equally but offer convenience like portability and discrete. The mechanism of vape pens is generally same. They don’t burn but have a small coil within that produces sufficient heat to vaporize cartridge contents. Vaping and smoking are both different. Temperature in the former is lower than its burning point, so active substance gets released as vapor instead of smoke. Substance vaporized in the form of mist is inhaled. Majority of cannabinoids and terpenes are kept intact in vaping, so users choose this safe delivery method over traditional smoking.

Standard vaporizer has 3 components

  1. Liquid cartridge that holds e-liquid used to generate vapor. It is flavored and contains different levels of nicotine
  2. Atomizer is the heating element
  3. Rechargeable battery to ignite the atomizer

Nicotine versus CBD [Cannabidiol]

Both CBD and nicotine are got from plants. The former is extracted from hemp and latter from tobacco. Legal hemp strain does not get users high. It is nontoxic and non-psychotropic. CBD is an ingredient used in food, cosmetics, and e-liquids to name a few. Therefore, to enjoy vaporization vapers are swapping from nicotine to CBD Vape Juice.

How to vape CBD products safely?

Choose high quality vape pen

Vaping is a healthy option to traditional cigarette smoking. It is also a fact that quality vape juice will produce potent therapeutic results to people suffering from crushing chronic pain, depression, inflammation, and more. Remember all the vape juices available in the market are not produced with same standards. Therefore, one needs to select brands and cartridges very cautiously to have an effective, quality and most preferably safe experience free from contaminants and health hazards.

Lack of regulation related to cannabis world, many companies have emerged, who have no regards for safety and health but it is up to the users to be savvy and look for best CBD oil and high quality vape pen. Cheap vape pens may use coils, which sublimate juice at very high temperatures – far high than necessary.

If you will vape CBD juice for chronic condition or relief from pain daily then it is recommended to buy a quality vape pen from reliable and reputable source. Cost does not matter, it is your heath that matters most.

Opt for best CBD juice

Actually, very little is known about long term health benefits or effects from using CBD juice. Research is still necessary to get to know the potential complications or health concerns, which may arise down the road. At the moment, you can get to know CBD liquid contents, its manufacturing standards and purchase from reliable company. Steer clear from stores popping up selling questionable e-liquids using useless hemp oil extracts.

Discover the right CBD dosage

CBD hemp oil items are dietary supplements, as per FDA guidelines. However, just like other food products there is a need for nutritional label, which suggests service size or dosage. It is hard for people to figure the dosage level because numbers chosen by the manufacturer are arbitrary but not really a suggestion on how much CBD to use.  You will need to consider your weight and condition severity [mild, medium, and severe]. Start taking a reasonable amount and decrease or increase from there until you find a specific ‘satisfied spot’.

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